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Head and Neck Cancers in Army Hospital of Nepal

  • Head and Neck Cancer
    • Kathmandu, Nepal
      Shree Birendra Hospital
    Nov 21, 2023

    Hypertension Trial in Dhulikhel (Community Health Worker Intervention)

    Not yet recruiting
    • Hypertension
    • Community Health Worker Intervention
    • Dhulikhel, Nepal
      Dhulikhel Hospital
    Oct 6, 2023

    Dental Diseases Trial in Pokhara (Oral Health Counseling and promotion)

    • Dental Diseases
    • Oral Health Counseling and promotion
    • Pokhara, Gandaki, Nepal
      Paschimanchal Dental Home
    Mar 31, 2023

    Substance Abuse Trial in Pokhara (School-based Substance abuse Prevention Programme (SSPP))

    • Substance Abuse
    • School-based Substance abuse Prevention Programme (SSPP)
    • Pokhara, Gandaki, Nepal
    • +2 more
    Aug 22, 2023

    Competencies of Midwives, Cost-benefit Analysis of Modular Training Trial in Pokhara (Skill birth attendant training)

    Not yet recruiting
    • Competencies of Midwives
    • Cost-benefit Analysis of Modular Training
    • Skill birth attendant training
    • Pokhara, Gandaki, Nepal
      Khim Bahadur Khadka
    May 9, 2023

    Hypertension, Medication Adherence, Blood Pressure Trial in Kathmandu (Phone call and text Messages)

    Not yet recruiting
    • Hypertension
    • +3 more
    • Phone call and text Messages
    • Kathmandu, Pradesh 3 (Bagmati), Nepal
      Central Department of Public Health
    Aug 7, 2023

    Silicosis Trial in Baltimore, Durham, Maharajgunj (N95 Respirator, Protective Eyewear, Baseline Survey)

    Not yet recruiting
    • Silicosis
    • N95 Respirator
    • +4 more
    • Baltimore, Maryland
    • +2 more
    Oct 13, 2023

    Optic Nerve Trial in Kathmandu (No intervention done)

    • Optic Nerve
    • No intervention done
    • Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal
      Prajwal Dahal
    Oct 13, 2023

    Multidetector Computed Tomography Evaluation of Obstructive

    • Obstuctive Jaundice
    • Radiological Correlation of Obstructive Jaundice
    • CT Scan
    • Dharān Bāzār, Koshi, Nepal
      BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences
    Jun 16, 2023

    Dental Caries Pit and Fissure, Oral Disease Trial in Kavre (Glass Ionomer cement pit and fissure sealant, Silver Diamine

    Enrolling by invitation
    • Dental Caries Pit and Fissure
    • Oral Disease
    • Glass Ionomer cement pit and fissure sealant, Silver Diamine Fluoride
    • Kavre, Bagmati, Nepal
      Kathmandu University
    Jun 6, 2023

    Maternal Health, Infant Health, Institutional Delivery Trial in Lalitpur (Mobile Phone and Cloud-based Electronic Contact and

    Not yet recruiting
    • Maternal Health
    • +5 more
    • Mobile Phone and Cloud-based Electronic Contact and Recording System
    • Lalitpur, Bagmati, Nepal
      Patan Academy of Health Sciences
    Jan 24, 2023

    Package of Essential Non-Communicable Diseases (PEN), Peer Coaching, Clinical Audit Trial in Kathmandu (Reinforcement of Peer

    • Package of Essential Non-Communicable Diseases (PEN)
    • +3 more
    • Reinforcement of Peer coaching and clinical audit
    • Continuation of usual practice without intervention
    • Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal
      Shahid Gangalal National Heart Centre
    May 25, 2023

    Depression Trial (Interpersonal Psychotherapy Group, Enhanced Usual Care)

    Not yet recruiting
    • Depression
    • Interpersonal Psychotherapy Group
    • Enhanced Usual Care
    • (no location specified)
    Aug 24, 2023

    Quality of Life of Postnatal Mothers Attending Maternal and

    • Quality of Life
    • inquiry to postnatal mothers
    • Biratnagar, Province 1, Nepal
      Koshi Hospital
    Mar 8, 2023

    Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension Trial in Gothgaun,Sundar Haraicha Municipality, Morang (Clinical Pharmacist-Led Educational

    Not yet recruiting
    • Type 2 Diabetes
    • Hypertension
    • Clinical Pharmacist-Led Educational Intervention
    • Gothgaun,Sundar Haraicha Municipality, Morang, Province 1, Nepal
      Purbanchal University Hospital
    Jan 28, 2023

    Vaccine Acceptance Trial in Kathmandu (Microbe literacy Program in the form of workshop)

    Not yet recruiting
    • Vaccine Acceptance
    • Microbe literacy Program in the form of workshop
    • Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal
      Nepal Health Research Council
    Jul 5, 2022

    Perinatal Depression Trial in Kathmandu (Thinking Healthy Programme)

    Not yet recruiting
    • Perinatal Depression
    • Thinking Healthy Programme
    • Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal
      Transcultural Psychosocial Organization Nepal
    Jul 4, 2022

    Pattern of Clinical Presentation of Different Breast Disease in

    • Breast Disease
    • +3 more
      • Dharan, Province 1, Nepal
      Sep 4, 2023

      Cervical Cancer, Stigma, Screening Trial in Kathmandu ("Stigma Reduction Education Program")

      • Cervical Cancer
      • +2 more
      • "Stigma Reduction Education Program"
      • Kathmandu, Province-3, Nepal
        Budanilkantha Municipality
      Aug 3, 2022

      Hypertension Trial in Kathmandu (Comprehensive approach to hypertension management)

      • Hypertension
      • Comprehensive approach to hypertension management
      • Kathmandu, Nepal
        Institute for Implementation Sciences and Health
      Jun 15, 2022


      • Acute Mountain Sickness
      • +2 more
        • Jomsom, Gandaki, Nepal
          Mustang District Hospital
        Sep 9, 2023

        Local Anesthesia Adjuvants, Upper Extremity Fracture, Brachial Plexus Block Trial in Kathmandu (ropivacaine, lidocaine with

        • Local Anesthesia Adjuvants
        • +2 more
        • ropivacaine, lidocaine with adrenaline
        • Dexmedetomidine, ropivacaine, lidocaine with adrenaline
        • Kathmandu, Bagmati, Nepal
          Nepal medical college
        Mar 11, 2023

        Bradyarrhythmia, Cardiac Arrest, Tachycardia Trial in Kathmandu (Normal Saline, Glycopyrrolate)

        • Bradyarrhythmia
        • +3 more
        • Kathmandu, Nepal
          National Academy of Medical Sciences
        Aug 9, 2023

        Left Ventricular Thrombus, Myocardial Infarction Trial (Rivaroxaban, Warfarin)

        Not yet recruiting
        • Left Ventricular Thrombus
        • Myocardial Infarction
        • (no location specified)
        Mar 31, 2023

        Hemorrhoids, Anal Fissure and Fistula, Perianal Abscess Trial in Lalitpur (Ultrasound guided Pudendal nerve block)

        Not yet recruiting
        • Hemorrhoids
        • +5 more
        • Ultrasound guided Pudendal nerve block
        • Lalitpur, Nepal
          Nepal Mediciti Hospital
        Aug 6, 2023