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Osteoarthritis Trial (Total knee replacement with NexGen CR knee prosthesis, Total knee replacement(TKR) with Nexgen CR-flex)

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Total knee replacement with NexGen CR knee prosthesis
  • Total knee replacement(TKR) with Nexgen CR-flex
  • (no location specified)
Mar 5, 2013


Unknown status
  • Bipolar Disorder I
  • +2 more
    • Strasbourg, Alsace, France
      Service de Psychiatrie II - Hôpitaux Universitaires de Strasbour
    Jun 13, 2013

    Anal Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Perioperative/Postoperative Complications Trial in New York (conventional surgery, management of

    • Anal Cancer
    • +2 more
    • conventional surgery
    • management of therapy complications
    • New York, New York
      Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
    Feb 26, 2013

    Transient Elastography in Differentiating Patients of Acute

    Unknown status
    • Acute Severe Viral Hepatitis
    • Acute on Chronic Liver Failure
      • New Delhi, India
        Department of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospi
      Jun 3, 2013

      Edentulous Jaws Trial in Sassari (oral implants)

      • Edentulous Jaws
      • oral implants
      • Sassari, SS, Italy
        University of Sassari
      May 28, 2013

      User Charges for General Practitioner Services in Denmark

      • Consequences of User Charges
      • Willingness to pay
      • Nyborg, Denmark
        Lægerne Nyenstad
      Mar 11, 2013

      Breast Reconstruction Trial in Santa Barbara (Silicone Gel-Filled Mammary Prostheses)

      Approved for marketing
      • Breast Reconstruction
      • Silicone Gel-Filled Mammary Prostheses
      • Santa Barbara, California
        Mentor Worldwide LLC
      Apr 3, 2013

      Chronic Q-fever in an Abdominal Aortic Disease (QAAD-study)

      Unknown status
      • Chronic Q-fever
      • +4 more
        • Veghel/Oss, Noord Brabant, Netherlands
        • +1 more
        Jul 22, 2013

        DePuy Revision TKA Implant 5yr Survivorship

        • Complications; Arthroplasty, Mechanical
          • (no location specified)
          Apr 30, 2013

          Acute and Chronic Wounds Trial in Hong Kong (Pressurized irrigation method, Swabbing wound cleansing method)

          • Acute and Chronic Wounds
          • Pressurized irrigation method
          • Swabbing wound cleansing method
          • Hong Kong, China
            New Territories East Cluster Nursing Hospital Authority
          Jun 20, 2013

          Cystic Fibrosis Trial (Physiotherapy)

          • Cystic Fibrosis
          • Physiotherapy
          • (no location specified)
          Jan 10, 2013

          Anticoagulation in Pregnancy Trial in Cairo (Warfarin, phenindione)

          • Anticoagulation in Pregnancy
          • Cairo, Egypt
            Ain shams University Hospitals
          Jan 25, 2013

          Tele-diagnostics for Remote Parkinson's Monitoring

          • Parkinson's Disease
          • Kinesia HomeView
          • Cincinnati, Ohio
            University of Cincinnati
          Mar 11, 2013

          Hyperhidrosis Trial run by the (Botulinum Type B, Placebo)

          • Hyperhidrosis
          • Botulinum Type B
          • Placebo
          • Bethesda, Maryland
            Walter Reed National Military Medical Center
          Jan 8, 2013

          Breast Cancer Trial in Toronto (Psychosocial Intervention for Couples)

          • Breast Cancer
          • Psychosocial Intervention for Couples
          • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
            Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Centre
          Apr 9, 2013

          Stroke Trial in Glasgow (STARFISH intervention)

          Unknown status
          • Stroke
          • STARFISH intervention
          • Glasgow, United Kingdom
            NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde
          Feb 14, 2013

          Osteoarthritis of Knee Trial (Patient matched instruments, Jig based instruments)

          • Osteoarthritis of Knee
          • Patient matched instruments
          • Jig based instruments
          • (no location specified)
          Feb 21, 2013

          Pleurisy With Effusion Trial in Chandigarh (Rigid thoracoscope (Richard Wolf GmbH, Knittlingen, Germany), Semirigid thoracoscope

          • Pleurisy With Effusion
          • Rigid thoracoscope (Richard Wolf GmbH, Knittlingen, Germany)
          • Semirigid thoracoscope (model LTF-160Y1, Olympus, Japan)
          • Chandigarh, India
            Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
          Jan 9, 2013

          Infection, Osteoarthritis of the Knee Trial in London (Simplex™ P with Tobramycin, Simplex™ P)

          • Infection
          • Osteoarthritis of the Knee
          • Simplex™ P with Tobramycin
          • Simplex™ P
          • London, Ontario, Canada
            London Health Sciences Centre, University Hospital
          Feb 6, 2013

          HINTEGRA Total Ankle Prosthesis Follow-up

          • Total Ankle Prosthesis
            • Innsbruck, Austria
            • +5 more
            Oct 9, 2012

            Immunization Trial in Toronto (Pain management education, No pain management education)

            Unknown status
            • Immunization
            • Pain management education
            • No pain management education
            • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
              St. Michael's Health Center, Pediatric Clinic.
            Dec 21, 2012

            Agility LP Ankle Arthroplasty Outcomes

            • Rheumatoid Arthritis of Ankle
            • +2 more
              • Grand Rapids, Michigan
                Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan, PC
              Nov 20, 2012

              Breast Cancer Trial in Houston (capecitabine [Xeloda], Taxotere)

              • Breast Cancer
              • Houston, Texas
              Dec 19, 2012

              Jaw, Edentulous, Partially Trial in São Paulo (Thermoplastic partial denture, CoCr partial denture)

              Unknown status
              • Jaw, Edentulous, Partially
              • Thermoplastic partial denture
              • CoCr partial denture
              • São Paulo, Brazil
                Dentistry College, University of São Paulo
              Mar 22, 2013

              Chronic Low Back Pain, Degenerative Disc Disease Trial in Norway (Total Disc Prosthesis, Multidisciplinary rehabilitation

              • Chronic Low Back Pain
              • Degenerative Disc Disease
              • Total Disc Prosthesis
              • Multidisciplinary rehabilitation program
              • Bergen, Norway
              • +4 more
              Oct 11, 2012