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cross-over study

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Stroke, Exoskeleton Trial in New Taipei City (FREE Walk Exoskeleton, Traditional Rehabilitation)

  • Stroke
  • Exoskeleton
  • FREE Walk Exoskeleton
  • Traditional Rehabilitation
  • New Taipei City, ROC, Taiwan
    Taipei Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare
Apr 20, 2023

Menstruation Trial in Cincinnati (Tampax menstrual cup, Other menstrual cup)

  • Menstruation
  • Tampax menstrual cup
  • Other menstrual cup
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
Jun 6, 2022

Multi-Reader, Multi-Case, Cross-Over, Retrospective Study to

  • Breast Cancer
  • Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
  • Annapolis, Maryland
    Anne Arundel Medical Center
Feb 9, 2023

Leukemia, MDS, Acute Myeloid Leukemia Trial in Houston (Cladribine)

Not yet recruiting
  • Leukemia
  • +2 more
  • Houston, Texas
    M D Anderson Cancer Center
Aug 28, 2023

Iron-deficiency Trial in Roma (IBSA Iron ODF, SiderAL® FORTE)

  • Iron-deficiency
  • IBSA Iron ODF
  • SiderAL® FORTE
  • Roma, Italy
    Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Campus Bio-Medico di Roma
Jan 10, 2023

Healthy Volunteers Trial in Belfast (Heated tobacco device Intense (Product A), Heated tobacco device Regular (Product B),

  • Healthy Volunteers
  • Heated tobacco device Intense (Product A)
  • +3 more
  • Belfast, Nothern Ireland, United Kingdom
Jul 12, 2022

Antithrombic Drug Trial in Ahmedabad (Apixaban 5MG, Eliquis 5 mg)

  • Antithrombic Drug
  • Apixaban 5MG
  • Eliquis 5 mg
  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
    Lambda Therapeutic Research Ltd.
Sep 12, 2023

Hypercholesterolemia Trial in Cincinnati (lerodalcibep)

  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Cincinnati, Ohio
    Metabolic & Atherosclerosis Research Center (MARC)
Jul 13, 2022

Ileostomy - Stoma, Colostomy Stoma Trial (Heylo, Standard of Care)

Not yet recruiting
  • Ileostomy - Stoma
  • Colostomy Stoma
  • Heylo
  • Standard of Care
  • (no location specified)
Jan 7, 2022

Hyperkalemia Trial in United States (LOKELMA 5 GM Powder for Oral Suspension)

  • Hyperkalemia
  • LOKELMA 5 GM Powder for Oral Suspension
  • La Jolla, California
  • +4 more
Sep 7, 2022

Healthy Aging Trial in Stavanger (DailyColors™, Placebo)

Active, not recruiting
  • Healthy Aging
  • DailyColors™
  • Placebo
  • Stavanger, Norway
    Stavanger Universitetssjukehus
Apr 24, 2023

Coronary Artery Disease Trial in Gijón (Polypill of acetylsalicylic acid, ramipril and atorvastatin, Drugs taken separately:

Not yet recruiting
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Polypill of acetylsalicylic acid, ramipril and atorvastatin
  • Drugs taken separately: acetylsalicylic acid, ramipril and atorvastatin
  • Gijón, Asturias, Spain
    Hospital Universitario de Cabueñes
Mar 16, 2022

Satiety of High Fiber High Protein Bread Trial in Toronto (EverVita Pro, Control bread)

  • Satiety of High Fiber High Protein Bread
  • EverVita Pro
  • Control bread
  • Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    INQUIS Clinical Research
Jul 26, 2022

Virtual Reality Trial (Virtual reality glasses, Vocal-guided affective imagery)

Not yet recruiting
  • Virtual Reality
  • Virtual reality glasses
  • Vocal-guided affective imagery
  • (no location specified)
May 22, 2023

Thumb Osteoarthritis, CMC, Splints Trial (splint (orthosis))

Not yet recruiting
  • Thumb Osteoarthritis
  • +2 more
  • splint (orthosis)
  • (no location specified)
Jun 8, 2023

Family Centered Care, Decision Making Trial (Parents Round)

Not yet recruiting
  • Family Centered Care
  • Decision Making
  • Parents Round
  • (no location specified)
Jan 30, 2023

Alzheimer Trial in Brescia (Gamma tACS (40 Hz) over the superior parietal cortex, Sham tACS over the superior parietal cortex)

  • Alzheimer Disease
  • Gamma tACS (40 Hz) over the superior parietal cortex
  • Sham tACS over the superior parietal cortex
  • Brescia, BS, Italy
    AO Spedali Civili
Nov 17, 2022

Safety, Acceptability Trial in Pittsburgh (High Eudragit® Content Vaginal Film, Low Eudragit® Content Vaginal Film)

  • Safety
  • Acceptability
  • High Eudragit® Content Vaginal Film
  • Low Eudragit® Content Vaginal Film
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    University of Pittsburgh, Magee Womens Hospital
Feb 2, 2022

Joint Pain Trial in Mumbai (E-PR-01, E- PR-02)

  • Joint Pain
  • E-PR-01
  • E- PR-02
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    Vedic Lifesciences
Dec 29, 2021

Healthy Trial in Seoul (BPDO-1603)

  • Healthy
  • Seoul, Korea, Republic of
Mar 26, 2023

Premature Birth, Premature Infant Trial in New York (Inhaled Furosemide, Intravenous Furosemide)

  • Premature Birth
  • Premature Infant
  • Inhaled Furosemide
  • Intravenous Furosemide
  • New York, New York
    New York University School of Medicine
Feb 9, 2022

Infant, Premature, Hypothermia, Newborn Trial (Cardboard Cot Care, Incubator Care)

  • Infant, Premature
  • Hypothermia, Newborn
  • Cardboard Cot Care
  • Incubator Care
  • (no location specified)
Oct 22, 2021

Overweight, Healthy Trial in Copenhagen (Continuous aerobic exercise, High intensity interval training, Resistance training)

Not yet recruiting
  • Overweight
  • Healthy
  • Continuous aerobic exercise
  • +2 more
  • Copenhagen, Østerbro, Denmark
    Center for Aktiv Sundhed - Rigshospitalet, Denmark (CFAS)
Jan 29, 2023

COPD, COPD Trial in Charlotte (TD-4208, Placebo)

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • COPD
  • Charlotte, North Carolina
    American Health Research
Feb 22, 2022

Kidney Transplantation for More Than One Year, Patients With a Kidney Transplantation on Cyclosporine Trial in

  • Kidney Transplantation for More Than One Year
  • Patients With a Kidney Transplantation on Cyclosporine
  • Eplerenone 50mg/day (cross over design)
  • Period without eplerenone (cross over design)
  • Vandœuvre-lès-Nancy, France
    CHRU de Nancy
Aug 17, 2022