List of Changes for Trial NCT03767244

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#DateChanged Items
12018-12-05None (earliest Version on record)
22018-12-13Contacts/Locations and Study Status
32019-01-14Contacts/Locations, Study Status and Oversight
42019-02-07Contacts/Locations and Study Status
52019-03-07Study Status and Contacts/Locations
62019-04-30Arms and Interventions, Contacts/Locations, Study Status, Outcome Measures, Study Description, Eligibility and Study Identification
72019-05-28Study Status and Contacts/Locations
82019-06-27Recruitment Status, Study Status, Contacts/Locations and References
92019-07-25Contacts/Locations and Study Status
102019-08-21Contacts/Locations and Study Status
112019-09-18Contacts/Locations and Study Status
122019-11-04Contacts/Locations, Study Status and Arms and Interventions
132019-11-14Contacts/Locations and Study Status
142019-12-11Study Status and Contacts/Locations
152020-01-09Contacts/Locations and Study Status
162020-02-05Contacts/Locations and Study Status
172020-03-03Outcome Measures, Arms and Interventions, Study Status, Contacts/Locations, Eligibility and Study Description
182020-04-02Contacts/Locations and Study Status
192020-05-28Contacts/Locations and Study Status
202020-06-25Contacts/Locations and Study Status
212020-07-23Study Status and Contacts/Locations
222020-08-20Study Status and Contacts/Locations
232020-09-17Contacts/Locations and Study Status
242020-10-15Contacts/Locations and Study Status
252020-11-12Contacts/Locations and Study Status
262020-12-14Study Description, Study Status, Eligibility, Outcome Measures and Arms and Interventions
272021-01-07Contacts/Locations and Study Status
282021-02-04Study Status and Contacts/Locations
292021-03-04Contacts/Locations and Study Status
302021-04-19Contacts/Locations, Arms and Interventions, Study Description, Study Status, Eligibility and Outcome Measures
312021-04-29Contacts/Locations and Study Status
322021-05-27Study Status and Contacts/Locations
332021-07-01Study Status, Contacts/Locations, Outcome Measures and Study Design
342021-07-22Contacts/Locations and Study Status
352021-08-19Study Status and Contacts/Locations
362021-09-16Contacts/Locations and Study Status
372021-10-14Contacts/Locations and Study Status
382021-11-04Contacts/Locations and Study Status
392021-12-07Study Status, Contacts/Locations, Outcome Measures, Study Design and Study Description
402021-12-30Contacts/Locations and Study Status